TONY MONTANA 



R.I.P - Tony Montana

11/13/1933 - 4/18/2019

You've seen Casino based off Tony Montana's good friend Tony Spilotro and Michael Spilotro. Tony Montana was investigated for his friends murders but was in prison at the time of the murders for other  conspiracy charges.  He hoped his good friends had left the country but you know the story they ended up buried in the cornfield.  

      Tony Montana reputed Chicago mobster who also worked with Tony Spilotro in Las Vegas and who’s name Al Pacino borrowed in the movie "Scarface" speaks at the Mob-Con 2013 Mob Convention at Palace Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Sunday, September 08, 2013. (Photo/Las Vegas News Bureau, Glenn Pinkerton)

VICE  - Tony Montana makes an appearance on Vice. They talk about Las Vegas and how Tony Montana watched over Tony Spilotro's money laundering locations.Tony Montana was questioned also on Spilotro' murder/ missing persons and  locations and drove Spilotro around until the f.b.i busted Tony Montana and Tony Spilotro ended up buried in the cornfield. Get the book for more information.                             

  La Cosa Nostra -The Mafia An Expose.  As others talk how bad Spilotro was ,Tony Montana talks only good about his business partner Tony Spilotro. 

The real guy who popped the guys eyes out with the vice grip that was redone in the movie casino - Played by Joe Pesci.

Interview rappers 2EZ did with Tony Montana -  they talk about when Tony came to Vegas what he did talks about how Marilyn Monroe really died, the JFK killing and more!

check the video page for part 2 and the rap video.

Tony Montana, said Capone had no choice but to incorporate Giancana after he helped start a rival Chicago syndicate called the 42 Gang ( a gang Tony Montana's older brother was apart of ).

“He was into some things with a bunch of guys, including Milwaukee Phil and the English brothers, and they were robbing and shaking down so many joints that Capone took notice of them,” he said. “They were young and he figured he’d better bring them on board.”

Giancana soon became the new face of U.S. organized crime, leading the criminal infiltration of labor unions, gambling casinos and legitimate businesses, relying more on corrupt politicians and police than on his own thugs.

Early on, Giancana developed a reputation as a killer. During World War II the draft board labeled him “a constitutional psychopath with an inadequate personality.” In a military interview, when asked what he did for a living, Giancana matter-of-factly replied, “I steal.”

Officials sent him home as unfit for service. And they didn’t know half of it, unaware of the illegal mayhem Giancana would eventually inflict.

Years later, in Las Vegas, he bragged about rubbing elbows with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack as he ran various casinos. He once told an FBI agent: “I own Chicago. I own Miami. I own Las Vegas.”

Michael Green, a historian at UNLV, said Giancana’s power in Sin City was shadowy but very real. “As Woody Allen once said, ‘Organized crime figures saved a lot of money on office space.’”

Giancana was one of the first inductees into the so-called Black Book, a list of undesirables compiled by the Nevada Gambling Commission, and he had an invisible hand in running “almost certainly the Riviera and possibly the Sands,” Green said.

His criminal career included a shadowy relationship with the CIA. In exchange for his help organizing a plot to kill Castro, experts say, agents tapped the hotel room of comedian Dan Rowan, who Giancana suspected was interested in his then-girlfriend, Phyllis McGuire -- the youngest member of the McGuire Sisters -- whom he met in Las Vegas in 1960.

Montana said his job for Giancana was to help set up new bars and restaurants. “He had to make money somewhere legitimately and he couldn’t legally get a liquor license,” he said.

Giancana lived most of his final years in Mexico, on the lam from federal authorities, but was deported back to the U.S. in 1974. Within a year, he was dead. As federal authorities pressured him to open up to a newly formed grand jury, the aging mob boss was shot six times at close range late one night, before he got to enjoy his midnight snack – his end as violent as his life.

Dressed in a sports shirt and slacks, he was found lying face-up in a puddle of blood. His wife was on the second floor of the fortress-like home in Oak Park, and told police she heard nothing.

Experts say mob figures believed Giancana, 67, was planning to talk to federal authorities about their activities. He was set to appear before a Senate committee in Washington a few days later.

Montana then launched into a brief history of which figures “got whacked” and why, including a list of their crimes.

“We all committed crimes,” he said. “If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.”


  Not to be confused with Al Pacino’s character in the movie “Scarface,” the existing Tony Montana is not Cuban, he’s Italian. You see, a lot of confusion about the real organized crime member began some time ago. As it turns out, the original Scarface, created in 1932, was a depiction of Al Capone because he had a scar on his face. It was a film about moonshining during the prohibition era, but the 1983 remake of the film switched the product from alcohol to cocaine. “Al Pacino was not supposed to be Al Capone because he was Cuban,” confirms Tony. “It’s a misleading thing. My name was taken because they liked my name and because I knew all of the players in the movie.” Furthermore, the authentic Tony Montana wants to make it clear that he nor the Chicago Outfit were ever involved in any drug trafficking.

 “I am the real Tony Montana, I’m not a generic one. It’s an Italian name, not a Cuban name. Cuban names are Montaña, not Montana,” he declares.

  Tony certainly rose to the top. Before the law took him down, he owned between 30 and 40 night clubs, restaurants and clothing stores in Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. He made sure not to intertwine his home life with his work. When Tony was married, his wife only knew that he owned a night club and nothing more. It was a private world. In fact, Tony says Outfit members never entered his home.

 One West Magazine phone interview with Tony Montana

One West Magazine full interview with Tony Montana

 Tony Montana has laid low all these years and was the mafia/ Chicago Outfits most protected hidden treasure.

Montana stresses he was not a mob hit man, but acknowledges his ties to organized crime had the law monitoring him.

“They put a tracer on the bottom of my car and followed me around,” he said. “The law was all over the place. But I wanted to be legitimate in making money. That’s the reason for the book, to show that the mob wasn’t all about pulling out baseball bats and killing people.”

Many in the Vegas mob were driving around in Mercedes and living in multi-million dollar homes. It’s a lifestyle few people wouldn’t want.

“I ran clubs here like Tiffany’s at the Jockey Club and Villa d’Este, which is now Piero’s,” Montana said. “I liked the restaurant business. If you gave people plugs, they respected you.”

Montana took two years to write the book, opting to wait until everyone he knew was dead and buried. Even Jimmy Hoffa.

“I was really under the radar,” he said. “I was making a good living. If I needed a favor, I could get it anytime I wanted. I still enjoy Vegas, it’s a great town.”

With LaScala now history, Montana is focusing on promoting his book around the country and working on a film script to his story.

 Interview with Tony Montana about his new book!
  The Real Tony Montana from Chicago Outfit (Chicago Mob)  worked along side of Tony "The Ant" Spilotro. Tony Montana  worked on Dark Star and The Downfall Of Toyko Joe. Tony Montana is a expert on the Chicago outfit and organized crime he also worked with Tony Accardo, Sam Giancanna and many more of the most famous and most feared Chicago Outfit and mafia members of all time!

 Tony Montana lived his life on the down low and  and stayed loyal to his business associates and friends allowing him to live along good life before he passed away at age 85 years old of health problems on 4/18/2019 in Las Vegas , Nevada.

Tony Montana is also portrayed in the movie "Casino" and whose name Pacino used in "Scarface" 1983

Tony Montana is no stranger to the Chicago Outfit and all the scams, swindles and cheats that emanate from the heartland of American crime. Al Capone, Big Tuna Accardo, “Joe the Jap” and many other illustrious characters that called Chicago home will characterized in a series of colorful vignettes by the long time crime pal of Chicago’s finest.  Tony Montana is a Mafia insider.  His uncle John Montana was a guest at the infamous Apalachian Mafia meeting held at the home of mobster Joseph "Joe the Barber" Barbara in Apalachin, New York on November 14, 1957. An estimated 100 Mafiosi members from the United States, Canada and Italy are thought to have been at this meeting. More than 60 underworld bosses were detained and indicted following the raid. One of the most direct and significant outcomes of the Apalachin Meeting was that it helped to confirm the existence of the American Mafia to the public, a fact that some, including Federal Bureau of Investigation Director J. Edgar Hoover, had long refused to acknowledge publicly.
Tony Montana will bring you inside the Chicago Outfit with his intimate stories of working in Las Vegas with feared Chicago outfit enforcer Tony Spilotro.  You will hear first hand accounts of crime, murder and mayhem from a master, cool as a cucumber, mafia insider. 

Many have compared Montana to legendary CIA/Mafia  Johnny Rosselli. 

 Tony Montana was the mystery mover and shaker in the writing of All American Mafioso: The Johnny Rosselli Story.
JFK files: How the CIA planned to murder Castro using Mafia and poison pills ... than 35,500 records on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.... boss Sam "Momo" Giancana and his top lieutenant John Rosselli.
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   The Real Tony Montana was a real person that  a lot of the organized crime movies you have seen are about his business  partners and him self. The movie Casino - is based off a lot of the business partners of Tony Montana.

Scarface - With Al Pacinio 1983 is a remake of 1932 Scarface that was based a lot of Al Capone life. Al Capone even sent his guys to the studio as you will see in The Real Tony Montana book and movie coming soon-  The 1932 version there was no Tony Montana it was Tony Camonte. Changed to Tony Montana in the 1983 Scarface. 

1932 and 1983 Scarface movies were based off research of The Chicago Outfit and organized crime. Neither movie is about the life of The Real Tony Montana. The Real Tony Montana's name came up in all sorts of investigation reports. From money laundering, conspiracy, fraud,to even the murders of his good friends and business partners Tony Spilotro and his brother Michael Spilotro , his good friends that got killed just after Tony Montana was busted by the feds. The fbi came to the prison to question Tony Montana about the missing person case of his friends. Since the bodies were not found yet it was a missing person case then later shortly after the bodies were found in the cornfield it became one of the biggest  murder cases of all time..

Tony Montana is known as the silent strength, participating in his role without the customary fanfare and notoriety. He laid low for all the other wise guys in the Chicago Outfit. From 15 years of age, he worked with Sam Giancana, Fat Leonard Caifano, Jimmy Allegretti, Joe DiVarco, Joe the Jap -- Eto, Milwaukee Phil, FiFi Buccieri and Tony Spilotro.

The Outfit kept Tony very close to the vest and protected Tony so he could operate in the business world for them. Tony was untarnished and could do their bidding. He is talented and could operate a company as good, if not better, than a business school graduate.