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Who is  The Real Tony Montana?

 Tony Montana has laid low all these years and was the mafia/ Chicago Outfits most protected hidden treasure. 

Tony Montana Interview _ THEY NEW

Tony Montana was born in Chicago, Illinois, November 13th, 1933.  His parents names were Michelangelo And Madeline Montana. Tony's parents had 12 kids, one getting killed at a early age of only 16 weeks named Pasty, when he was shot from a stray bullet outside and killing him in his crib .  Pasty was killed before Tony was born. Tony had another brother that was named Pasty that was 16 years older than Tony. This brother Pasty died at age 31 from a heart problem. 

At the young age of 9 Tony witnessed  his first murder. When he ran home and told his dad what he saw, He learned then,"from now on, what you see, you don't see " and "the less you see the less you have to answer for", words from his father. his father also telling him, "don't tell anyone about what you saw today."

Tony Montana moved his own way up by being smart and at a young age all the bosses respected Tony Montana and wanted him doing business for them. Soon Tony  was able to buy businesses of his own as well. Tony Montana would still help them and buy places in his name and keep track of their money laundering locations and to keep other Outfit bosses names out of it. Tony knew how to deal with any trouble or the law when they came in to check, but says they don't come back more than one time usually. 

Tony Montana has laid low all these years and was the mafia/ Chicago Outfits most protected hidden treasure.
Montana stresses he was not a mob hit man, but acknowledges his ties to organized crime had the law monitoring him.

Tony Montana is one of the mystery movers in the organized world. His partners in organized crime are all top Outfit, Mafia, organized crime bosses and cia connected Outfit and mob associates. Operating his business and other bosses business for them in his name , Tony Montana could turn any business into a money maker and knew how to handle any trouble and law enforcement.

 Tony Montana is a real person that most of the organized crime movies were about his business  partners and him self like  the movie Casino - is based off a lot of the business partners of Tony Montana. Scarface - With Al Pacinio 1983 is a remake of 1932 Scarface that was based a lot of Al Capone life. Al Capone even sent his guys to the studio as you will see in The Real Tony Montana book and movie coming soon-  The 1932 version of Scarface there was no Tony Montana it was Tony Camonte. Changed to Tony Montana in the 1983 Scarface. 1932 and 1983 Scarface movies were based off research of The Chicago Outfit and organized crime. Neither movie is about the life of The Real Tony Montana. The Real Tony Montana's name came up in investigation reports of murders even on Tony Spilotro.

Creating Las Vegas and the mob-

Dark Star - Is a biography of Frank Sinatra and how The Outfit was in charge of him. If anyone tried to tell Sinatra what to do even if he was the one acting up The Outfit would call Tony Montana  in. Sinatra actions were always covered by The Outfit.

Down Fall Of Tokyo Joe - Documentary movie about the only mob boss to survive an assassination attempt as bullets bounce off his skull.

Vice  - Tony Montana makes an appearance on Vice. They talk about Las Vegas and how Tony Montana watched over Tony Spilotro's money laundering locations.Tony Montana was questioned to Spilotro' murder/ missing persons and  locations and drove him around until he died.

Mafia An Expose  - 5 disk film about The Outfit, Mafia and organized crime.  Tony Montana from The Chicago Outfit, talks good about his business partner  Tony Spilotro the guy who put the guys head in a vice grip and squeezed his eye ball out.